Domestic Clean ups...

Perhaps the tenants from hell have just been moved out and left you with a huge pile of rubbish or maybe you have been putting off that big clean up that is long overdue around the home? Our rubbish removal service is also ideal for people looking to prepare a property to sell or lease.

Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service provides a reliable, cost-effective, no-fuss rubbish and waste removal service for our residential clients. We can provide a team of reliable and fully insured workers who will make quick work of your household clean up by loading all your rubbish onto the truck and disposing of it in an ethical and responsible manner.

We can also offer a full professional cleaning service for your home or unit which includes...

* Bedrooms
* Kitchens
* Bathrooms
* Laundries
* Garages

Many householders will be better off with our rubbish removal service rather than a skip bin because you only pay for the volume of your rubbish that is taken away and we do all the loading for you, with a skip bin you pay for the cost of the whole bin even if it is only partly full and you have to load it yourself - there is no need to hurt your back trying to lift heavy objects or be left with aches and pains, cuts and bruises or be covered in dirt and grime next time you want to tidy up around the home.

We can send over a team of hard working uniformed staff who will provide you with a quote to clean up your house, garage or yard. If you accept the quote they can take the rubbish way immediately – without you even getting your hands dirty!

Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service can remove most items from around the home including...

* Old furniture
* Mattresses
* Appliances
* White goods (e-waste)
* Carpet
* Blinds
* Metal
* Timber / building materials
* Concrete
* Bricks
* Car parts
* Green waste

Event Clean ups...

Whether you are holding an event for ten people or several thousand people, keeping the area clean and tidy can be a real problem. Such items include...

* Cans
* BottleS
* Paper plates
* Plastic cups
* Plastic cutlery
* Food wrappers
* Cigarette butts
* Confetti
* Streamers
* Food scraps

Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service is a full service provider who can take the worry away from keeping your site safe, clean and presentable - we can have a team of workers onsite to keep the mess under control before, during and after your special event.

Whether daytime or nighttime - rubbish on the ground can pose serious OH&S problems for your guests with the possibility of injuries caused from slips and trips whilst food scraps lying around can encourage vermin and disease.

Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service provide a reliable, efficient and cost-effective rubbish removal service catering for...

* Birthday parties
* Engagement parties
* Weddings
* Social gatherings
* Sporting events
* Corporate sales and or promotional events