Commercial & Industrial Cleaning...

Is your workplace long overdue for a tidy up? Perhaps you don?t have the time or manpower?

We can clean up your office or industrial unit quickly and efficiently without the need for your valuable employees to be wasting their working time being unproductive.

Newcastle rubbish Removal Service can bring in a professional team of fully insured men and or women to your site to load and remove all your unwanted materials without any of your employees injuring themselves and presenting you with a worker?s compensation claim and having to take time off work.

Common items include...

* Old desks
* Chairs
* Workstations
* computers
* Cabling
* Cabinets
* Drawers
* Files
* Books
* Appliances
* Carpet
* Building materials

Companies can enhance their environmental image by ensuring that their e-waste is responsibly disposed of and all other products are recycled wherever possible.

We also cater for cleaning up after...

* Office renovations
* Relocations
* Shop fit-outs
* Demolitions