This section sets out some important general information on potential exclusions or limits to our liability which you should be aware of. It should not be relied upon or considered legal advice and, if necessary, Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service recommends that you obtain your own independent advice.

Generally, you have rights, in certain circumstances, to be compensated for loss or damage caused by acts or omissions in the supply of our services. Our liability, if any, for such loss or damage is limited to some extent by the General Terms and Conditions of Our Customer Terms, although not for liability that cannot be limited by law.

Also, under the damages Act 1997, we may impose limits or amounts that are able to be recovered in tort for wrongful acts or omissions (of a civil rather than criminal nature) made in the supply of specific services by us.

Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service is a business and is generally liable to the same extent as other businesses are liable for wrongful acts or omissions. In the event that you believe that you have a claim against us relating to a service supplied by us, you must take reasonable steps to minimise or avoid the extent of such loss or damage. We may take into account your failure to minimise or avoid your loss or damage when assessing a claim.

We, like all service providers, are liable to pay damages to a customer for a breach of the Customer Service Guarantee Standard. If you are not satisfied with the amount of payment under our Customer Service Guarantee scheme, Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service has a scheme under which you may claim compensation. Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service assess all customer claims for compensation taking into consideration all factors including alleged financial loss or consequential financial expenditure by the customer, actions taken by us and actions taken by the customer to mitigate their loss or expenditure.

If you require any further information about your rights, it is suggested that you seek independent legal advice.


Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service often runs promotions, these promotions can include, but are not limited to:

1) Fuel giveaway - normally in the form of a voucher(s) and or gift card(s) from leading fuel supplier's - such as Caltex, Shell, Mobil, 7-Eleven

2) Food - normally in the form of voucher(s) and or gift card(s) from leading food supplier's - such as Woolworth's and or Coles.

3) Free waste removal service - normally in the form of a voucher(s) and supplied exclusively by Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service.

All vouchers and or card's are issued in accordance with the strict terms and conditions of the voucher and card issuer and voucher(s) and or gift card(s) cannot be redeemed for cash or exchanged for any other service or purpose what-so-ever.

Vouchers and gift cards are limited by time usage, we (Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service) are not liable to replace any voucher(s) and or card(s) for any reason including unused, lost or stolen.

The value of each voucher and card is predetermined by the issuer, such as Coles and Woolworths, and the promotions company. Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service is neither, we are simply a third party supplier and therefore have no control over their value what-so-ever, nor do we have any knowledge as to any specific dollar amount or value of any voucher or card as (again), it is predetermined by the voucher and card issuer and the promotions company whom do not disclose such information to us for reasons including (but not limited to) any wrong doing, conflict, corruption and or improper use and or misconduct of any and or all voucher(s) and or card(s) used and or supplied in any promotional offer - simply put, we (Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service) offer and supply voucher(s) and or card(s) to our customer(s) under our promotional deal using voucher(s) and or card(s) issued to us under an arrangement we have with a promotions company.

Management, employees and staff of Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service cannot and should not guarantee to supply any customer(s) with a voucher(s) and or card(s) of or to a specific dollar amount or value and cannot and should not give a (rough) indication as to what you may expect to receive in value on a voucher(s) and or card(s) due to you under any promotional offer, even from information based on what we may have received from customer(s) who may have already received a voucher(s) and or card(s) as not one or all voucher(s) and or card(s) may be of the same or similar dollar amount or value.

We can however, from information from the promotions company, confirm that no voucher(s) or card(s) will be of a dollar amount or value less than $2.00 (minimum) and no more than $180.00 (Maximum). In anticipation of receiving a voucher(s) or card(s), y
ou should NOT automatically assume that the dollar amount or value of any gift voucher(s) or card(s) being offered to you will be of the lessor amount and likewise, of the greater amount. In all advertising material's related to this promotion, including but not limited to any website(s), media advertising and text messages. We clearly state that the dollar amount or value of each voucher(s) or card(s) is "up to" $180.00 - Assuming the dollar amount or value of any voucher(s) or card(s) being of the highest dollar amount or value of $180.00 is not what we have in anyway implied, promised or guaranteed.

Family and friends of employee's, staff and management of Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service are excluded from participating in any promotional offer and as such, prohibited from receiving any voucher(s) and or card(s) under any circumstances.

Voucher(s) and or gift card(s) will be forwarded to our customer(s) via mail using (normally) Australia Post as the preferred delivery service, with delivery to occur within fourteen (14) day's of our service having been supplied and full payment from the customer(s) having been received. In the event voucher(s) and or card(s) are forwarded using registered (secured) post, the customer may be required to sign for the voucher(s) and or card(s) upon their delivery. Delivery by mail is our preferred method of supplying to the customer(s) any due voucher(s) and or card(s) and so as to avoid any "accidental" loss of any voucher(s) and or card(s) by an employee or staff member of Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service.

The above information is true and correct at time of publication, you should not however rely upon any information here as accurate as it is subject to change at any time and without notification.

Newcastle Rubbish Removal Service will not be held responsible for any wrong omissions, and or negligence as a result of any incorrect or misleading information provided to the customer(s) by employee's, staff or management of the business. Customer(s) are limited to one (1) voucher and or card per visit /completed and fully paid for service.